East Mountain Center for Theatre Presents


 (The best of the Sherlock Holmes thrillers!)

Adapted and Dramatized by Tim Kelly

Directed by Nancy Sellin

Performance Held @ Vista Grande Community Stage

15 La Madera Rd, Sandia Park NM 87047

April 24, 25 & 26 and May 1, 2 & 3


Adapted to a modern setting that takes literature’s most spine-chilling mystery and turns it into a play of suspense, humor, and ultimate terror. Sir Henry has become heir to the vast Baskerville fortune a legacy that comes complete with a family curse—death at the fangs of a living horror prowling the English moor. Only Sherlock Holmes can stop the beast from striking again. Hound of the Baskervilles is a superb whodunit where everyone is a suspect and, it seems, has something to hide. Excellent character roles. A surprise twist at the end. Suitable for all ages.




February 24 6:00 East Mountain Community Center 15 La Madera Rd, Sandia Park

February 25 6:00 at Center for Function and Creativity 223B Montano, Albq (between 2nd and 4th)

Callbacks:  February 26 6:00 East Mountain Community Center



Please email the director with questions or if you need to schedule an audition other than the times listed.

You will be asked to read from the script. Sides will be available at the auditions and you will have time to look them over.




Lady Agatha Mortimer:  Age 60+ A medical doctor, ample, “tweedy”, forceful

Perkins:  Age 20-30 A maid.

Watson:  Age 40+ Holmes’ colleague and sidekick  (THIS ROLE IS ALREADY CAST)

Sherlock Holmes:  Age 50+ a famed private investigator interested in bizarre cases, a master at detection (THIS ROLE IS ALREADY CAST)

Sir Henry:   Age 30-40 a young nobleman, heir to a fortune and a curse

Mr. Barrymore:  Age 60+ a butler, slightly sinister, but capable

Mrs. Barrymore:  Age 60+ the housekeeper

Kathy Stapleton:  Age 28-35 A vivacious young woman

Jack:  Age 28-35 her brother, given to emotional outbursts

Laura Lyons:  Age 28-35 a capable young woman with a dangerous secret